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What kind of Indications does various Body pains Provide?

Our bodies often communicate with us through pain, it is a signal that our body gives to our brain to tell us that something is not right. To be precise body pain is a complex phenomenon and globally more than 10% of the world population is affected by it. (Source- The Good Body) 

You might be thinking why body pain must be addressed? Well, body pain indications work as alarm systems and give a positive response to your body so that it can prevent further injury and promote healing. Not only this, we should also understand pain in different body parts so that in the case of urgency we can appropriately respond to it and can also take medical assistance for these body ache indicators. 

Today, in the following section we would like you to know how different body parts of yours give indications to your body at the time of body pain, so that it can empower you to take charge of your health which will eventually lead to improved quality of life.

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Common Types of Body Pain and Their Indications

Given below we have mentioned the list of some of the most common types of body pain with its indications:

  1. Headaches and Migraines

Headaches can be of different types like- Tension headaches, cluster headaches and sinus headaches. And here is the true meaning of these three types of headaches:

 Tension Headaches: These headaches are really severe and often feels like you have worn a tight band around your head. The main causes of your tension headaches are usually stress, poor posture and eyestrain. 

 Cluster Headaches: The cluster headaches are intense and cause excruciating pain around one eye. Till date it has been impossible for anyone to understand its real cause, but it has been found out that this pain is triggered if you:

  • Consume Alcohol 
  • Smoke
  • Or, eat wrong food

Sinus Headaches: By its name you must have understood that this pain is indicated around your sinuses like forehead, cheeks and nose. The main reason behind this headache is sinus infections which causes inflammation and allergic reactions also plays an important role in this type of headaches. 

To manage these headaches, all you have to do is change your lifestyle by making a consistent sleep schedule and also by avoiding triggering foods like caffeine or processed meats. 

  1. Back Pain  

Back pain is a common body pain and to understand its indications you should know that back pain is of three types: Lower Back Pain, Upper Back Pain and Sciatica. 

If we talk about lower back pain, then you should know that the causes of it are muscle strain, poor posture and spinal issues like herniated discs or spinal stenosis. The major red flags that you might face for lower back pain are numbness, weakness and loss of bowel. On the other hand, upper back pain is caused by muscle tension, join dysfunction and the indicators for it are:

  • Radiating Pain down your arms or chest 
  • Difficulty in breathing 

When we think of sciatica, it is often caused due to compression of the sciatic nerve which is formed due to a herniated disc. And, the indicator of this back pain is severe leg pain and weakness in one leg. To treat your back pain you can start from posture correction, then move towards physical activity like walking, stretching, swimming, yoga.

  1. Chest Pain 

When we talk about chest pain you might see that they are divided into two parts, one is cardiac chest pain and the other one is non-cardiac chest pain.

If you are someone who is suffering from cardiac chest pain, you may find it out through different symptoms like, Angina which is a chest pain caused due to reduced flow of your blood or heart attacks which also cause intense chest pain. 

On the contrary, the causes of non-cardiac chest pain are acid reflux, muscle strain and anxiety. While this pain is less severe, in case it gets worse you should always seek medical help. 

  1. Abdominal Pain 

Sharp Pain, Cramps and Bloating are some of the most common types of abdominal pain. The indicators of the sharp pain are appendicitis and kidney stones. Whereas, the crampy pain is caused due to digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and bloating is caused due to abdominal distension like gas or fluid accumulation. 

The indicators of abdominal pain are usually:

Digestive issues 

Viral or bacterial infections 

Organ related problems like gallstones or liver disease. 


We know that body pain is crucial to understand and we hope that by now you have understood the indicators of common body pains. And, from now on we wish that in case you face a trigger through any kind of body pain you will seek professional help. 

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